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MAR 12, 2019 | FRANCE

France: All Jobs are Software Jobs: Preparing France’s Workforce for the Digital Economy (FR)

All Jobs are Software Jobs: Preparing France’s Workforce for the Digital Economy (FR)
March 13, 2019
Paris, France

It’s true: the jobs of today might not be the jobs of tomorrow. BSA | The Software Alliance and The Family hosted an event on how individuals in France can succeed in the digital economy and how employers can equip their employees - and the next generation of our workforce - with digital skills.

To kick off the event, BSA’s President and CEO Victoria Espinel launched the Policy Agenda to Build Tomorrow’s Workforce in France explaining that while today the software industry employs more than 1 million people in France, with the right strategy for workforce development, this figure could be much higher.

A pitching session featuring Matthieu Guerlain from the City of Paris presenting Paris Code, a partnership with Salesforce, Diane Dufoix-Garnier of IBM France presenting P-Tech, and Thibaud Martin CEO of Jubiwee, discussed real world examples of how various projects and solutions are preparing France’s workforce for tomorrow’s economy.

A panel discussed how policymakers in France and across Europe can craft policies that help produce and retain a competitive workforce. Speakers joining Victoria Espinel included Hind El Idrissi, CNNum member, founder of Wemind, Salwa Toko, CNNum President, Henri Verdier, French Digital Ambassador, Cédric Vilani, Member of the National Assembly.


Highlights from “The Growing €1 Trillion Economic Impact of Software,” a jobs report from Software.org The BSA Foundation, presented by Victoria Espinel, CEO of BSA | The Software Alliance

Presentation of Work Transformation Initiatives

  • Diane Dufoix-Garnier, Government & regulatory affairs executive, IBM France, Project: P-TECH
  • Matthieu Guerlain, Deputy Director for Employment and Local economic Development, Ville de Paris, Project: Paris Code
  • Thibaud Martin, CEO of Jubiwee, Project: Jubiwee

Roundtable – The Future of Work in the Digital Era. Moderated by Alice Zagury- President, The Family. Our guests for the panel will be:

  • Victoria Espinel, CEO, BSA | The Software Alliance
  • Henri Verdier, French Digital Ambassador
  • Cédric Vilani, Member of the National Assembly, Medal Fields
  • Salwa Toko, CNNum President
  • Hind El Idrissi, CNNum member, founder of Wemind

More Information: Video 1 Video 2


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