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Thailand’s National Cyber Resilience Readiness as Influence on Foreign Direct Investment

Speaker: Jared Ragland, Senior Policy Director, APAC for BSA | The Software Alliance

BSA’s Jared Ragland will join a policy roundtable discussion on Thailand’s National Cyber Resilience Readiness as Influence on Foreign Direct Investment. In collaboration with the US-SEAN Business Council, LeTEC, Microsoft, and BSA | The Software Alliance, have come together to discuss a variety of cybersecurity issues with a variety of speakers and different panel discussions.

A national cyber resilience readiness is a critical issue for foreign direct investment. Highlighted as a top priority by governments worldwide, a country's readiness to protect critical information infrastructure against cyber-attacks is a central pillar of effective investment promotion policy - assuring foreign direct investors of the readiness to manage associated cybersecurity risk. But developing and maintaining cybersecurity protection in critical information infrastructure (CII) and financial services institutions (FSI) is challenging, including to the extent that CII and FSI agencies comply with regulations, manage complex digital infrastructure in the connected environment with various protocols, and face the threat of sophisticated supply chain attacks. To increase the cybersecurity awareness, our panel will explore challenges associated with Thailand's national cyber resilience readiness and discuss policy instruments to address the challenges as CII and FSI agencies develop and maintain their cyber resilience.  

Speakers Include:

  • Jared Ragland from BSA | The Software Alliance;
  • Amy Mahn, International Policy Specialist, Applied Cybersecurity Division, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST);
  • Dr. Jasmine Begum, Regional Director, Legal, Corporate and Government Affairs Southeast Asia and SEA & Emerging Markets, Microsoft;
  • Dr. Amnart Tangkiriphimarn, Vice Dean for International Affairs at Faculty of Law, Thammasat University;
  • AVM Amorn Chomchoey, Secretary-General, National Cyber Security Agency (NCSA);
  • Pinyo Treepetcharaporn, Director, Technology Risk Supervision Department, Bank of Thailand
  • Dr. Narun Popattanachai, Government Legal Counsel, Office of the Council of State;
  • Dr. Amnart Tangkiriphimarn, Vice Dean for International Affairs at Faculty of Law, Thammasat University


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